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Boston Legacy Planning LLC is committed to providing timely and useful legal information to individuals who want to do effective estate planning and to the financial advisors and CPAs who help them.

The education includes the monthly classes Truth About Estate Planning, and Business Transition Planning 101, and a 45 minute webinar titled Introduction to Business Transition Planning.   Registration is available from the Class Calendar page.  In addition, other classes on asset protection, dispute avoidance and resolution, and other topics are offered based on demand.

Boston Legacy Planning also offers several newsletters on an opt-in basis.  These include:

  • The Legacy Advisors Alert, a quarterly summary of key legal decisions that impact estate planning.   The newsletter is prepared by Boston Legacy Planning,  and focuses on developments in Massachusetts law, as well as federal tax law.  It is available for download on the Legacy Advisor Alerts page; a shorter version, featuring 3 or 4 of the most important cases is sent by e-mail.  You can subscribe to the e-mail version from the Legacy Advisor Alerts page.
  • Business Transition Planning newsletters are provided by Pinnacle Equity Solutions.  They are well-written, and cover a wide variety of topics of interest to business owners.  Samples are available for review on the Business Transition Planning Newsletter page.  We are in the process of adding a subscription button.
  • The National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys produces a bi-monthly newsletter that covers a broad range of topics of interest to investment and insurance advisors, called Planning Partners Press.   We are in the process of making samples available, and adding a subscription button.

We have prepared tri-fold brochures to educate individuals and business owners about the need to plan.  These brochures can be modified to address specific needs of your clients and to indicate the questions that should be addressed to you, rather than the attorney.

BLP Brochure – Now That Your Will is Signed

BLP Brochure Exit Planning

In addition, we welcome suggestions about the ways in which this website can be more useful as a tool for you and your clients.



Content is being added on a regular basis.  Please check back later.