Asset Protection Planning

The popular idea of an asset protection plan is to give all your assets to a spouse, a child, an LLC, or an offshore asset protection trust. But a plan that narrowly conceived will surely miss other planning goals, like being sure you will have access to your property when you need it.

Every workable asset protection plan needs to begin with a thorough understanding of:

  • What assets the client has
  • What liabilities and risks the client faces
  • What steps are currently being taken to protect those assets.

The Comprehensive Asset Protection Audit™ is designed not only to plan for the client’s known risks, but also to uncover and defend against dangers of which the client is not aware.

The process begins with a free educational class, the Comprehensive Asset Protection Overview™, in which I teach people about the essentials of asset protection planning.  I then invite them to undertake a diagnostic at an agreed upon flat fee to help them understand the various areas in which they are vulnerable to loss of assets.  At the end of the diagnostic, the client selects the assets that need further protection, and we begin the design phase.  Once the design is completed, we create any necessary LLC, trusts, or other entities, and fund them as needed.

Like any estate plan, an asset protection plan must be updated and maintained.  Part of our design is to devise a cost effective way for the client to maintain the plan, so that the plan will work when it is needed.

The first step in achieving a comprehensive asset protection plan is to attend our free introductory class, the Comprehensive Asset Protection Overview (CAPO).  Please call 617-624-3350 to register for a class.