What Is Legacy Planning?

Legacy Planning is: Estate Planning for Human Beings™

  • Much of what passes for estate planning is really planning for the money; Legacy Planning is planning for the people.
  • Legacy Planning addresses personal goals, not just financial goals.
  • Legacy Planning takes into account that the plan will be carried out by busy, distracted, grieving people.

Legacy Planning is based upon the Bedrock Principles of Estate Planning™

  • People are Different
  • Things Change
  • Everybody Dies   (Or more generally, stuff happens)

Legacy Planning is Problem Solving

What is the problem? Well, for starters, Everybody Dies. No, Legacy Planning will not solve that problem. But Legacy Planning addresses the related problem of what we will leave behind. Most people leave behind:

  • Money
  • Memories
  • Messes

Most estate planning only addresses the money, leaves the memories for someone else to worry about, and does not deal realistically with the messes. As a result, plans don’t work.

Legacy Planning Deals With Each of the Root Causes of DIS-functional Planning™

Legacy Planning recognizes that estate planning is not just for human beings; it is being done by human beings, with all of our human shortcomings and failures.   These inevitably lead to predictable and recurring problems, which I call the Root Causes of DIS-functional Planning™  Legacy Planning recognizes that a plan won’t work just because you have solved the legal problems; you have to solve the human problems as well.

Legacy Planning is Comprehensive, Integrated Estate Planning

  • Legacy Planning takes into account legal, financial, tax, settlement and family goals
  • Legacy Planning relies on a collaborative team of advisers who enable the client to realize the One Plan™ that addresses all of their goals

Legacy Planning is

Taking the Time to Shovel Snow . . .
So That No One Will Have to Chop Ice