Special Thanks

I want to express my gratitude to people who were particularly helpful in developing my law practice.

Carmen Durso taught me the law is a noble profession, aimed at producing public good. He also taught me that laughter cures a lot of problems.

Evan Lawson was a brilliant trial lawyer, and a lover of life. From him I learned the value of persistence, and the importance of creativity in the practice of law.

David Hoffman is a leader, a teacher, and a mentor to an entire generation of ADR practitioners.  He was a sounding board and an inspiration as I was writing my Settlement Counsel article, and has remained an inspiration since then.

Frank Bridges introduced me to the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys, founded by Bob Esperti and Renno Peterson in the 1990s. From the Network, I learned most of what I know about estate planning. My practice model is based upon the Three Step Strategy ™ developed by Rick Randall and other Network members.

Scott Farnsworth introduced me to the term “legacy planning”, and showed me that being a good lawyer is as much a matter of the heart as the head. His Sunbridge Legacy Builders Network has been a guiding light for my practice for many years.