Boston Legacy Planning LLC is committed to providing the education that business owners and families need to do effective estate planning.  The educational tools we use include:

  • Regular monthly classes on estate planning and business transition planning.  Registration for these classes is available on the Class Calendar page.
  • Specialty classes on topics like probate, dispute resolution, and asset protection.  For more information about these classes, call 617-624-3350.
  • Classes for members of the Legacy Planners Network™ to teach family members how to serve effectively as trustees, personal representatives, and agents.  Registration for these classes is available on the Clients Area.
  • A Frequently Asked Questions Page.
  • A variety of newsletters for business owners, for advisors and for individuals who want to know more about changes in the law that will affect them.
  • White papers on legal-technical issues.
  • Downloads of planning tools for families and business owners.
  • A blog on legacy planning, estate planning and business transition planning.
  • Website content on estate planning, business exit planning, dispute avoidance and settlement – available through the Practice Areas tab on the website menu.